About Matthew Friedman

Matthew Friedman is the owner of SMB Logic. He is a father, nerd, and foodie who likes finding levity in situations... even when it happens to be at himself.

Improving Your SEO With SSL Encryption

SSL and how it affects your business Everybody has likely noticed that little green padlock in the URL bar of websites we visit, or maybe more accurately you've noticed the slightly more obtrusive "Not Secure" text when it is missing. That padlock comes from an SSL certificate, and it is not just there as eye [...]

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What Is Net Neutrality and Why Is It Important

My name is Matt Friedman and I own SMB Logic. I am also a loud and prolific advocate for Net Neutrality, and there is a really good reason for this. So many people don't really understand what net neutrality is about and confuse net neutrality with broadband access speed trends. I wanted to take a [...]

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